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Home Improvement 4050-Need more storage space for clothing? Build this double 8-foot-wide closet--or build just one 4-foot unit. As shown, each unit has built-in drawers for lingerie, shirts, and hosiery. Above drawers, there is hanging space for jackets, skirts, and blouses. The other half of each closet has full-length hanging space for dresses and coats. Each unit is 2 feet, 1-1/2 inches deep. Stain or paint to match décor.



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Home Improvement 0277-If your home or apartment lacks storage space, add it by building a closet that's 6 feet wide; 6 feet, 11 inches high; 2 feet, 1-1/2 inches deep. Two hanging areas flank center section planned with built-in drawers and shirt shelves. Note shoe racks on floor at either side. Bi-fold doors make access easy.




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Home Improvement 5014-Why buy furniture when it can be as economical and easy to build as these corner benches? The base of each bench is a simple-to-construct plywood box with a hinged top that opens on a bonus of storage space. A corner table, designed to hold a reading lamp, is built-in. Make removable cushions with foam to cover seat and back of each bench. You can paint or stain the plywood, as you prefer. The unit projects 8
feet from the corner on each side. It is 21-1/4 inches deep; height, 32 inches.




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Home Improvement 4048-A handyperson can save money by building furniture. The unit pictured, for example, provides seating plus storage. The seating is in the form of a cushioned bench that tops four roomy bins with drop-down doors that store toys, games, you name it. Shelves at either side store a library of books and show off bric-a-brac. Unit is 9 feet, 2 inches wide; seat, 15-1/2 inches deep; shelves 9-1/2 inches deep.

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